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"Hidden talent brings no reputation."
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We speak the same language.

Order Scientific EditingAt Erasmus Scientific Editing, we see language in exactly the same way that you see math: as a precise tool useful (when used correctly) for conveying exact information that anybody reading in the same language will understand in the same way. In an academic world of deconstructed realities, this claim may seem unusual, even radical, yet it's based on the principles of Aristotalean logic. According to these principles, which inspired the great Medieval educator Desiderius Erasmus, the things we write and say either make sense or do not, and we can discern their truth or falsehood based on the relationships between the claims we are making, which are signified by the linguistic operators that we use to make these claims. In other words, we do language math.

Since 2002, our editors have provided high-quality, affordable scientific editing services for quantitative writing to students, professors, and researchers in medicine, engineering, architecture, physics, chemistry, architecture, and other scientific fields. Emphasizing correct usage and style in quantitative writing to convey ideas with absolute clarity, we provide scientific copy editingline editingproofreading, and formatting services at affordable rates. Each of our scientific editing services returns a meticulous final draft––in either Word or LaTeX format––ready for publication: 

Scientific Editing Service
  • Scientific Copy Editing Service ($5/pg.) - With a deadline of one week per 100 pages, our copy editing service returns an error-free, print-ready draft, with an emphasis on errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style. 
  • Scientific Line Editing Service ($8/pg.) - With a one week deadline for all manuscripts, our line editing service provides a focus on logical consistency, tone, syntax, and related errors that impede clear writing. 
  • Scientific Proofreading Service ($3/pg.) - Our scientific proofreading service was designed to provide a final pass of drafts that are grammatically and stylistically clear but that require a review for any remaining errors in punctuation, word substitutions (e.g., homonym use), and spelling.
  • Citation Formatting Service ($1.50/pg.) - With our citation style formatting service, we edit in the major scientific citation styles––ACS, AIP, AMS, AMA, ICMJE, and IEEE––correctly formatting them and labelling missing information, such as date and place of publication and page numbers.  
  • Layout Formatting Service ($1.50/pg.) - Our layout formatting service ensures that the guidelines for the appearance of your draft specified by your university, journal, or academic press are met.

Both our line editing and our copy editing services include a final, proofreading pass. 

    To receive a review and total price for editing or proofreading your scientific text, you may wish to contact us here and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, or you can order now, resting assured that your research and the language you use to describe it are both in experienced hands. 

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    If you are not completely satisfied with our service and we cannot resolve your problem, we will refund your payment.

    "Hidden talent brings no reputation."
    - Desiderius Erasmus