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Order Scientific EditingLaTeX is the most common document preparation platform in the quantitative sciences since it accommodates formatting for equations better than platforms like Microsoft Word. However, using LaTeX requires working with editors who are familiar with this software's unique functions and formatting commands. That's where we step in.
LATEX Editing and Formatting Service
At Erasmus Scientific Editing, we are one of the few services to provide editing specifically for clients who are writing in the LaTeX platform. We both edit and address layout formatting in LaTeX files, returning the original source files if desired as well as a generated .pdf.
We pride ourselves on reaching out the scientific community with this unique––and uniquely necessary––service. To order editing for a LaTeX file, you may wish to contact us to make arrangements, or you can order directly and we'll plan get started right away.

"Hidden talent brings no reputation."
- Desiderius Erasmus